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Christian Dance and Singalong Association (CDSA) is a non profit christian organization. Our goal is to unify all denominations of the Christians and other faiths, though singing, dancing, praising Christ, and being.

Berthoud, CO will be our test area, as the first place to hold dance activities. Our plan is to expand the activities throughout the country. Eventually turning it into a world wide organization.


Music & Dance


We plan on holding weekly dances to celebrate the spirit of Christ. During the dance we welcome the young and old, novice and expert, and anyone who wants to celebrate Christ.

We will play Christian music and you are more than welcome to bring in any that you have on either CD or the Internet. We will occasionally have live bands and karaoke.

The songs can be danced to with a verity of dancing including, but not limited to polka, two-step, country swing, fox trot, free style, disco, the box, line dance, west coast swing, and ballroom.

There will be dance lessons and snacks held. We would love to have you come join us in this joyous event. We believe you will be blessed.


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Tel: 970-215-6855

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